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Flodden Field 09/09/21

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Finally, after all the restrictions, actually visiting the Flodden 1513 Ecomuseum area across the Scottish Borders and North Northumbria, last week was a great start to my field work tour of the UK’s ecomuseum. Exploring the amazing landscape, sites and stories and meeting the lovely people who are passionate about looking after it all was a privilege. I know how lucky I am.

Flodden 1513 Ecomuseum is the legacy of the Flodden 500 community project which marked the quincentenary of the brutal Battle of Flodden. This cross-border ecomuseum links together the sites, stories, traditions and communities associated with the battle within the wider context of the landscape of the Tweed and Till valleys and beyond and from multiple perspectives. Click here to find out more

More to follow, but for now a 360 view of Flodden Field and memorial, where over 10,000 Scots and 4,000 English slaughtered each other in the space of two and a half hours on the 9th September 1513. King James IV of Scotland was amongst them, the last monarch of the British Isles to die in battle. Accompanying the video is the sound of the wind blowing across the site and the lone voice of a Borderer singing ‘One call of the king' written by Alan G Brydon to commemorate the 500th anniversary. The audio recording of the song was made on 9th September 2021 during the annual commemoration service held at the memorial cross. Standing there, looking at this quite agricultural valley now, it is hard to imagine the horror of that day and those 14,000 souls lost and the countless survivors, communities, families, women and children affected, but we should try.

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